Frequently Asked Questions

After I submit a room reservation request, how will I get notification of my room assignment?
You will receive a system confirmation via email.

How can I make a time/date/room change on a confirmed request?
Send an email to and be sure to provide your reservation number, so that we can access your original request quickly. Also, if pertinent, give the reason for the change, so that your event isn’t scheduled in the same building or same type of room, if this is why the change was requested.

If a classroom is locked, whom do I call to open the door?
Call ITS Learning Environments at (213) 821-6601.

If classroom furniture is missing, whom do I contact to replace the item(s)?
All classrooms should be equipped with an instructor’s table and chair. If furniture is missing, you can contact us at (213) 740-4612 or We will contact ITS Learning Environments, or you can contact them directly at (213) 821-6601.

How can I find the capacity of a specific classroom?
Check the Classroom Scheduling Room List.

How can I find out if a classroom has specific media equipment?
Contact ITS Learning Environments or (213) 821-6601.

What if another class/event is in my scheduled room?
If possible, don’t interrupt the instructor/speaker. Ask a student in the room near the doorway for their class/event information. Call Classroom Scheduling immediately at (213) 740-4612 with the specific classroom and both classes/events information, so that the conflict can be resolved.