Submission Timeline

All curriculum proposals for the upcoming academic year should be submitted to the Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) during the months of AUGUST - JANUARY. During this time each University-level review step should span no longer than ten working days (M-F). Curriculum proposals submitted in February and later are not guaranteed this time frame due to the high volume of submissions received at the close of the curriculum submission period.

Cut-off dates to be considered for inclusion in the 2017-18 USC Catalogue

  • Proposals to REVISE Programs, Minors and Courses must reach the CCO step in Curriculog, in approval-ready condition*, no later than Monday, February 6, 2017. All revisions will have an effective term of fall 2017.
  • Proposals for NEW Programs, Minors and Courses must reach the CCO step in Curriculog, in approval-ready condition*, no later than Monday, April 3, 2017.
               *Proposals that do not have appropriate sign-offs or lack the appropriate information, required syllabus content following Syllabus Template guidelines, track changes not launched on revisions, etc. will be returned. The proposal will not be considered received by CCO on that date.

Curriculum updates may be reviewed in the production USC Catalogue throughout the year

Approved curriculum will be imported into the production version of the 2017-18 USC Catalogue throughout the year. Academic units are encouraged to proofread and request any corrections once the approved curriculum is imported into the catalogue and well before the release of catalogue in early June. Additionally, it is recommended that academic units review approved courses on RNR.D.CATALOG and address any data errors promptly. (Data stored in RNR.D.CATALOG is transmitted to RNR.U.SCHEDULE, which drives the Schedule of Classes and Web Registration.)

What happens AFTER THE CUT-OFF?

Proposals that are not completed in this curriculum submission cycle may be resubmitted in July to be considered for the 2018-19 USC Catalogue. Following the guideline that the catalogue may be incomplete but not inaccurate, proposals to revise programs, minors and courses submitted after the cut-off date will have an effective term of fall 2018. Proposals for new programs, minors and courses may have an effective term as early as fall 2017, so that they may be promptly offered, but they will not be published in the USC Catalogue until the following academic year.

    Please note:

    • The University Committee on Curriculum (UCOC) reviews curriculum proposals and policies throughout the calendar year. Its normal workload is between the months of September through May, although summer reviews may be requested.
    • Departments should estimate a minimum of one month for University curriculum review, longer if additional edits and sign-offs are required.
    • SUBMIT IN THE FALL to ensure that all involved know about the new and updated curriculum to be offered in the following academic year and to avoid the backlog of proposals that slow down the curriculum review process from February through April.

Important Dates for Curriculum Community Consideration

SPRING 2017 Schedule of Classes is published October 5, 2016.
Registration begins October 24, 2016.
First day of classes is January 9, 2017.
SUMMER 2017 Schedule of Classes is published February 16, 2017.
Registration begins March 6, 2017.
First day of classes is May 17, 2017.

2017-18 USC Catalogue is published in June.
2018-19 Curriculog forms are available to departments in July.
FALL 2017 Schedule of Classes is published March 6, 2017.
Registration begins March 27, 2017.
First day of classes is August 21, 2017.