Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request a STARS Report?
Students may request an updated STARS report through their academic advisor. Each department can request STARS report updates. Updates reflect all current (USC and transfer) course work available and all exceptions in a student's academic record. Students can view and print STARS report updates on OASIS.

Who to contact when you have questions regarding your STARS report:
Students with inquiries about STARS reports should first contact their academic advisor for assistance. Often, department advisors can correct data entry and other errors. At times, however, the problem may be the result of computer programming or other errors that require more time to correct. In these instances, academic advisors alert Degree Progress to the problem.

I need to provide a prospective employer with evidence that I am near graduation. Can I use the STARS report for this purpose? Is the STARS report an official university document?
You may request a STARS report at any time through your OASIS account. However, it is not an official university document. It is at the prospective employer's discretion to use a STARS report for degree verification.

Whom should I contact if my transfer course work was not listed on my STARS report?
Contact the Degree Progress department for assistance. For more information call (213) 740-7070.

My transfer course work is listed on my STARS report, but I didn't receive the general education credits I was told I'd receive for the completed courses. Whom should I contact?
Contact your academic advisor for assistance. He or she can help resolve any discrepancies on your report.

ou can also refer to the Who Should File an Articulation Petition? page for more information.

If I lost my STARS report, how do I obtain another copy for my records?
You can obtain a copy from your academic advisor or print a copy from OASIS.