Glossary Of Terms And Services


Examinations (Equivalency) - Given at the discretion of an academic unit, equivalency examinations determine if transferred upper-division course work may be applied as subject credit to the major requirements for the degree. Passing the exam does not provide additional unit credit. Contact the appropriate academic unit for specific details.

Examinations (Final) - Exams or equivalent experience given as the culminating activity in a course. If a scheduled exam conflicts with a student's observance of a holy day, faculty members must accommodate a request for an alternate exam date at a time that does not violate the student's religious creed. A student must discuss a final exam conflict with the professor no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date to arrange an acceptable alternate exam date. For undergraduate and graduate courses that follow the academic calendar of the university, refer to the "Schedule of Final Examinations” section of the Schedule of Classes.

Examinations (Placement) - Exams that diagnose a student's knowledge in a subject.  The result of a placement exam will let the student know in which course to register based on his or her exam performance.  Please visit the Testing and Assessment website for more information.

Examinations (Subject Credit) -

Examinations (Writing) - The University Writing Examination. Given to students who score below the specified level on the Verbal portion of the SAT, the University Writing Examination determines if preparatory coursework must be completed before enrolling in Writing 150. Refer the “Writing Program" section of the USC Catalogue.

Exception to Residence - See Request for Exception to Residence.

Exceptional Course: A course determined to grant full-time enrollment status, regardless of the number of registered units. Such courses include course numbers 594 and 794, courses GRSC 800 and GRSC 810, and other courses and programs as determined by the Office of the Registrar.