Glossary Of Terms And Services


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - Also known as the “Buckley Amendment,” FERPA establishes standards and policies regarding the storage and transmission of student records with which all universities must comply. USC maintains the privacy of student education records and allows students the right to inspect their education records as stated in the university's Student Education Records policy, consistent with FERPA. The entire text of the university's policy is located in the Office of the General Counsel and in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Refer to the "Academic Policies" section of  SCampus or the USC Catalogue. More information can also be found on the Registrar's FERPA Homepage.

First-time Freshman - Students who have never attended college or any post-secondary institution are considered first-time freshmen. Students who enroll at USC in the fall term immediately following high school graduation are also considered first-time freshmen, even though they may have attended college in the summer term prior to USC enrollment, or earned college credits before graduation from high school.

First-time Freshman Repeated Coursework - Students who enter USC as first-time freshmen may repeat a maximum of three courses taken during the first two semesters of enrollment at USC in which grades of D+ or below (including UW and IX) were received. The subsequent grade, even if lower, will be calculated in the grade point average. Refer to the Repeated Course Work at USC section under "Academic Policies" [Academic Standards]  in the USC Catalogue for learn all applicable information.

Full-time Enrollment - Enrollment status is assigned by the Registrar's office based on the number of registered units, enrollment in exceptional courses, graduate assistantships and degree objective (for instance, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees).

To qualify for full-time enrollment status:

  • Undergraduate students must enroll for 12 units or more;
  • Master’s students must enroll in 8 units or more, or serve as a graduate assistant enrolled for the minimum units required for the assistantship (usually 6 units), or enroll in an exceptional course.

Exceptional courses are those determined to fulfill full-time enrollment status, regardless of the number of registered units. Such courses include course numbers 594 and 794, courses GRSC 800 and GRSC 810, and other courses and programs as determined by the Office of the Registrar.

Only students pursuing a university degree or certificate receive enrollment status. Auditors and visitors (limited status students) do not have an enrollment status assigned, regardless of the number of units or types of courses in which they register. Units taken for audit do not apply to enrollment status calculations.