Glossary Of Terms And Services


Name (Correction / Change) - A correction or change to your name as it appears on your academic records. To change or correct your student name, you must complete a Request for Change/Correction of Student Number/Name form, available in the REG Lobby. The request must be accompanied by a court order, valid driver's license, certificate of naturalization, certificate of marriage or some other form of positive identification. A photo I.D. must also be presented. A change of name will be processed only for students who have an active academic record and are currently pursuing a degree program. At the time of graduation or program abandonment, academic records are closed and no further changes in the record may occur. The name on the record at that time becomes the permanent name of record. Permanent names of record on closed academic records are not changed as the result of divorce decrees, marriage certificates or court ordered name changes. See I.D. Number Correction / Change.

No Record Withdrawal - If a student is enrolled in more than one course, the selective withdrawal from a class based on non-attendance is no longer permitted after the third week of classes. Cancellation of all classes based on non-attendance is permitted through the 12th week of classes for first-time enrolled students only.