Glossary Of Terms And Services


Readmission (From Academic Disqualification) - A petition for a student’s readmission to the university after academic disqualification. The student must initiate the petition through the Academic Review and Retention Office. All grade issues (IN, MG, etc.) must be resolved prior to submission of a readmission petition. Students must have completed a minimum of 12 approved units with a 3.0 GPA or higher before applying for readmission.  Additional requirements and conditions for readmission can be found in the "Academic Policies" [Academic Standards] of the USC Catalogue. See Academic Review.

Refund of Tuition - Tuition and fees are refundable only if courses are officially dropped before the refund deadline.  Students may drop courses through Web Registration or through the Registrar One-Stop Center located in the JHH lobby. It is a student's responsibility to officially withdraw from any class he or she is not attending, including but not limited to: (a) classes that have been discontinued at the university’s option; (b) situations in which a student never attended even the first class meeting.

To find the refund deadlines for any course, please visit the Schedule of Classes, and click on the Calendar icon next to the course in question.

Registration - The department responsible for the accuracy and integrity of all student enrollments; monitoring the Web Registration enrollment process; processing in-person enrollment or change-of-program requests; scheduling additional classes or class changes once the schedule has been finalized; processing all cancellation of enrollment requests; assigning session numbers and schedule classes for all off-campus Special Programs offerings; printing transcripts for non-credit courses that offer continuing education units; and distributing important calendar dates and creating a Permit to Register (also known as registration appointment) to currently enrolled students. The Registration Department is located in Trojan Hall 101, north of Furtitta Hall (near the corner of Figueroa and Exposition).  Contact the Registration Department at (213) 740-8500 or email us

Repeated/Repetitious Courses - Courses that may be repeated for credit, as opposed to those that can be taken only once for degree credit. Courses that can be repeated for credit are listed in the catalogue with the maximum allowable units in parentheses after the course title. Courses in which unsatisfactory grades were earned can sometimes be repeated. The rules for repeating these courses differ for graduate and undergraduate students. There are also different rules for transferring repeated courses. Students should check the "Academic Policies" [Academic Standards] section of the USC Catalogue for the regulations that will affect them.

Request For Exception to Residence - Exceptions to the fall and spring enrollment policy and approval to take specific courses out of residence. In rare circumstances, such exceptions may be granted in advance by the student's major department and dean.

Typically, all course work taken in the fall and spring semesters must be taken at USC. Only transfer course work that appears on the transfer institution's transcript for a summer term will be accepted. Students should discuss their individual circumstances with their departmental academic advisor. More information can be found under "Course Work Taken Elsewhere" in the "Academic Policies" section of the USC Catalogue. For questions about the residency policy and exceptions, contact the Degree Progress department in the Registrar One-Stop Center, located in the JHH lobby, or at (213) 740-7070.

Residence - The number of units or the segment of a degree program that must be completed at USC. There are requirements for undergraduate programs, graduate programs and specific requirements for a second bachelor's degree. Courses taken off-campus may be considered taken "in residence" if they are part of an overseas studies program offered through USC, or part of a consortium or other arrangement between institutions. Requirements should be checked in the appropriate "Academic Policies" [Requirements for Graduation] section of the USC Catalogue.

Restrictions/Holds - See Holds/Restrictions