Glossary Of Terms And Services


Schedule of Classes - : A university publication containing lists of courses offered, important dates, registration procedures, and fees. The university produces a Schedule of Classes each fall, spring and summer term.

Session - Also known as Session Code. Session refers to the three-digit code used at USC to denote: 1 – dates; 2 – costs; and 3 - location of a course offered by the university. The university’s main session, 001, includes all courses that follow the university’s Academic Calendar and the normal fee structure, and are taught in university facilities. Courses that deviate from these three parameters have a different session code. Different sessions may have different class beginning and ending dates. Students, staff and instructors can view the dates for any given session code on the USC Schedule of Classes. To view the list of dates, please click on the semester in question, and click on the Session Codes link.

Special Exams (Subject Credit) - See Examinations (Subject Credit).

STARS - The STudent Academic Record System. An automated degree audit that reflects students' academic progress toward degree completion for declared programs of study. Students may obtain a copy of their STARS Report on OASIS in Degree Progress, located in the Basement of JHH.

Student Conduct - See Conduct (Student)

Student I.D. - A ten-digit number assigned by the university and used to retrieve student records and provide various student services. Students can obtain a USC I.D. at USCard Services, located in Parking Structure X. Students must and should carry their USC I.D. with them at all times. See ID Number Correction / Change.

Student Record - For purposes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student record is defined as an education record comprised of those records directly related to a student and maintained by the university or an agent acting for the university. There are a number of records that are excluded from consideration in determining education records. These can be found in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended. See Transcripts (official)Transcripts (unofficial).

Subject Credit - Credit toward a requirement, such as general education or a course requirement for a major or minor. This is distinct from unit or degree credit, which refers to units earned toward a degree. For example, students who are not eligible to transfer any more courses in for unit credit (because they have reached the transfer unit limit) may be able to take a transfer course for "subject credit only," meaning they could use it to fulfill a degree requirement but would not earn any units for it. See Degree Credit.