Glossary Of Terms And Services


Transcript Department - University academic transcripts are maintained by the Transcripts Department of the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. All course work taken for university-approved credit (with the exception of the Keck School of Medicine) are maintained by the Transcripts Department. Academic record transcripts are maintained and released in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Transcripts Department is available 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. 

Inquiries regarding records prior to 1980:  If you have any questions, we invite you to askUSC.

Transcripts can be requested in person, by mail, telephone, or fax.

Important Note: Before ordering transcripts, students should verify on OASIS that grades for recently completed course work appear on their transcripts.

Transcript (Official) - An academic record that bears the university seal and signature of the Registrar. The official transcript should be the only document submitted to those outside the university. Students may request a printed copy of their USC transcript in person or by mail, as explained below, or order an electronic version.

Effective fall 1990 for the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program and summer 1991 for the International Student Program (ISP), newly admitted students' records are maintained by the university's central transcript system. Contact the Ostrow School of Dentistry directly for academic record information prior to fall 1990.

The Keck School of Medicine issues transcripts for USC medical students. Contact them directly for academic record information. 

Academic record transcripts are maintained and released in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Transcripts (In Person Requests) - In-person requests may be submitted in the Registrar One-Stop Center located in the JHH lobby.  Department hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A valid photo ID is required.

Transcripts (Mail Requests) - Academic transcripts can be obtained by mailing your signed request to the University of Southern California, Transcripts Department, JHH Room 106, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912, Attn: Transcript Request. Refer to Mail Request.

Transfer Credit Report - A report designed to officially acknowledge all transferable course work applicable toward the USC degree. The evaluation is prepared prior to enrollment for every newly admitted undergraduate student with transfer work or relevant exams (such as AP). Once a student has matriculated at USC, the report is updated whenever an official transcript with new course work is received by the Degree Progress department, which can be contacted at (213) 740-7070.

Transferring Course Work to USC - Students' eligibility to take courses outside of USC and apply them to their USC degree depends on the USC Catalogue requirements that the students are following. Students must follow catalogue requirements for a semester in which they were enrolled at USC. (See also Catalogue of Enrollment.) It is critical for students to consult their academic advisors and Degree Progress when they plan to take courses away from USC, so they can obtain the appropriate paperwork and receive approval in advance.  For more information, see "Course Work Taken Elsewhere" in the "Academic Policies" section of the USC Catalogue or the Transferring Course Work information.

Tuition Exchange Program - An exchange program in which USC participates with nearly 586 other institutions. This is NOT the tuition assistance program. In the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program, the children of 100% benefits eligible faculty and staff can apply for a scholarship at any of the participating institutions. Information and applications can be obtained by contacting Lorna Tureaud, the university's Tuition Exchange Liaison. Refer to the Tuition Exchange Central Office.

Tuition Refund Insurance - Elective insurance that provides full coverage for tuition and fees (student health insurance excepted) for students who suffer a serious illness or accident that makes it necessary for them to completely withdraw from all courses at the university before the semester is completed. A student accept the insurance when registering for classes via Web Registration.  Students may opt out of Tuition Refund Insurance on Web Registration before the end of the third week of classes. The Tuition Refund Plan is offered through private insurance carrier Dewars, Inc., available by calling (617) 774-1555.