The Office of Academic Records and Registrar records, maintains, and disseminates the academic records of the university and assures the accuracy, the security, and privacy of these records. Although we believe that parents play a pivotal role in college student success, we are restricted by federal law from disclosing information such as grades, grade point average (GPA), and progress toward degree to anyone other than the student who owns the education record. USC created OASIS for Guests, a portal that allows students to share their academic records with their parents and to signal to university staff that a student wishes to grant parents access to information about the student’s academic record.

Students create parent access to OASIS for Guests by logging into and clicking the OASIS link. Once in OASIS, students select the Other Services tab, and click on Establish Guest Access to create the parents’ account. Students must provide parents three pieces of information: the student’s USC ID (10 digits), the Guest Login ID, and the Guest PIN.