Academic Disqualification

Students who have not achieved the GPA standard (either 2.0 overall or 2.3 semester) at the end of a second consecutive term on probation will be academically disqualified from the university. Disqualified students who are interested in returning to USC should meet with their Academic Review Counselor (FIG 107) as soon as possible to discuss readmission procedures.

A student who is later readmitted is placed on a Readmission Contract. Any student who fails to meet the terms of his or her contract will be permanently disqualified. Similarly, readmitted students who achieve a 2.0 cumulative GPA but are subsequently disqualified will be considered permanently disqualified.

Petitions for Readmission

Readmission petitions are initiated with an Academic Review Counselor (FIG 107) after the disqualified student has successfully completed coursework at another institution. Because there is no guarantee of readmission, students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Review Counselor as soon as possible after getting disqualified to discuss the most effective strategies for getting readmitted. Although required for readmission, coursework completed at another institution will in no way reduce a student’s grade point deficit or affect his or her USC GPA.

The five essential items which must be included in a readmission petition are:

  1. Official transcripts reflecting all coursework attempted since disqualification. The minimum requirement for readmission is 12 transferable, semester units (18 quarter units, or 16 quarter units if completed in one quarter) with a 3.0 GPA. The number of units that must be completed for readmission depends on the USC deficit and cumulative GPA. Not all students will qualify to submit a petition with the minimum requirements. Disqualified students seeking readmission should attend an accredited college or university. First-year students and sophomores are encouraged to enroll in courses that will satisfy previously unmet diversity, language, or major prerequisite requirements. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to enroll at a four-year college or university, in courses considered upper-division and major-related. Physical education courses will be excluded from the GPA calculation.

    Note: Transfer credit for major-related coursework is granted at the discretion of the department of the major. Transferability of courses must be evaluated on a Readmission Pre-Approval Form. Coursework taken outside USC that is not preapproved will not be used towards readmission.

  2. A Course Plan from the department of your intended major listing the remaining general education, major pre-requisite, major and elective courses needed for completion of the degree. Students are encouraged to review missing degree requirements with their department advisor prior to enrolling in coursework elsewhere.

  3. An Academic Review Advisement Form completed by the departmental advisor and authorized school signer of your intended major.

  4. A Student Statement, addressed to the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures (CAPP), which identifies the following:
    • What caused your work at USC to fall below acceptable standards? Think carefully about it and be specific.
    • How have these conflicts been resolved?
    • How has the coursework taken (and time away) since disqualification prepared you for your return to USC?
    • If readmitted, how do you intend to return to good academic standing?
      **Special attention should be given to spelling, grammar, and the writing style of your statement. Since the committee does not meet with students in person, the written statement represents your opportunity to address the panel. Statements should not exceed two typed, double-spaced pages.
  5. A Petition Cover Sheet, prepared by your Academic Review Counselor, must be signed by the Chair and Dean of your intended major. The Cover Sheet is not provided to the student until they submit items 1-4 to their Academic Review Counselor.

  6. A $125.00 fee will be assessed, regardless of whether the readmission petition is granted or denied.

Readmission deadlines are as follows:

Fall: August 15th
Spring: December 30th
Summer: May 1st
**Deadlines falling on a weekend will be extended to the following business day.

Readmitted students will be placed on a Readmission Contract. The terms of this agreement must be met each and every semester of enrollment (including summer session) until the cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher. Students are only permitted to petition for readmission once. Petitioning students who are not readmitted will be advised of what they can do in the future to strengthen their requests, or will be encouraged to pursue education elsewhere.

Important Note for students on financial aid, who reside in campus housing, or who have an outstanding balance with the university:

The Financial Aid, Housing and Collections offices should be kept informed of your intention to return to USC, as you will require funding and housing if readmission is granted. An outstanding balance, which has resulted in a Collections hold, can prohibit your registration, regardless of your success in petitioning for readmission. Your readmission petition does not address these concerns. Such issues must be addressed by their respective offices.