Petition Procedures

Undergraduate students who wish to request a change in the evaluation of a transfer course may submit an articulation petition. The petition process is located on the Course Transfer tab of the student’s OASIS account which can be accessed through the MyUSC portal.


USC policy requires that all articulation petitions regarding courses taken before entering USC should be initiated as soon as possible after matriculation and no later than the end of the first semester of study. The one semester time limit is in place to ensure students have complete and accurate transfer credit information as soon as possible after starting at USC so that they have a realistic understanding of how their transfer credit applies to their degree requirements. This allows students to develop the most efficient and effective course plan to complete their degree objective.

Students who have missed the deadline are eligible to request a one-time "final appeal." Students requesting a final appeal will be charged a non-refundable $150 late petition fee per class, regardless of the outcome of the appeal. The decision on a final appeal will not be subject to further review.

Supporting Documentation:

All petitions must be accompanied by supporting documentation which can be attached during the online process. The absence of the following supporting materials can result in your petition being delayed or denied.

  • The complete syllabus you received from your instructor on the first day of class is required. The syllabus should be from the correct term and instructor. General course outlines and/or syllabi from a different term or instructor are generally not appropriate.
  • Any other course documents (class notes, exams, papers, letters from professors, lab reports [if relevant], etc.) that you feel will assist us in evaluating your petition. These cannot be submitted in lieu of the syllabus.
  • A professional English translation to accompany original language documentation for courses taken at international institutions where English was not the language of instruction. Contact Transfer Credit Services for details.
  • Final drafts of all papers written in a composition course are required for students petitioning equivalence to USC’s WRIT 130/150. The absence of writing will result in the denial of your petition.

We strongly prefer all supporting documentation be submitted electronically. The USC library system has scanning resources available to you if you need them. If you absolutely must submit hard copies of documents, please submit photocopies, as any hard-copy documentation will not be returned. You can submit hard copy materials to the Registrar One Stop Center located in the JHH lobby during normal business hours.


Once you submit a petition, you will receive a system generated email acknowledging receipt of your petition and providing a processing period, generally 10-15 business days. This time frame may be increased during extremely busy periods so we ask that you make yourself aware of the processing time assigned to your petition. These processing periods are determined based upon the number of petitions received and resources available and we will most likely need the time allotted.

Once action has been taken on a petition, you will receive a notification email at your USC email address from Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder in the event that any email from this office has been routed there. You can also check to see if any action was taken by logging into the petition process and clicking on the specific course in the “Check status of the petitioned course” column. This will display the most recent action taken on your petition. If nothing displays, no action has yet been taken. We appreciate your patience during the processing period.