Summer Courses for USC Students

USC students may take coursework outside of USC during the summer term. Elective units, USC course equivalence, Diversity credit, and Foreign Language credit are available for appropriate classes. To find out what credit will be granted in transfer for your summer classes, please use the Summer Pre-approval Process. Transfer credit is limited to courses taken in the summer term. Courses taken in the Fall, Winter or Spring term will be rejected as “Out-of-Residence.” To earn credit for your summer classes, you must earn a C- or higher and order an official transcript sent to USC after your summer grades are available.

Pre-Approval of Summer Courses from U.S. Institutions:

Before submitting a pre-approval, please determine whether or not courses you would like to take will actually be offered in the upcoming summer term. USC cannot conduct a transfer evaluation for summer courses unless the transfer institution’s summer schedule of classes is available. Please submit for pre-approval only those courses you actually plan to attend. The pre-approval process is not intended for students to “shop” for credit. Only a specific number of courses will be allowed before you will be restricted from submitting further pre-approvals and referred to contact Degree Progress regarding your summer plans.

Online courses
In most cases online courses will receive the same credit in transfer as the classroom version at the sending institution. However, online or hybrid laboratory science classes will not earn equivalence to USC lab science courses. Online or hybrid foreign language courses are not equivalent to USC foreign language courses nor will they fulfill the language requirement. If you took a traditional classroom version of one of these courses at a school where the course is also available online, we cannot guarantee equivalence or subject credit in advance. You will need to provide additional documentation after you complete the course to demonstrate that you were enrolled in the classroom version of the class. Documentation typically includes a registration summary and your course syllabus. A syllabus alone is not sufficient documentation. Please keep copies of all related materials.

Any courses taught in non-traditional settings or time frames, including compact intersessions or open-ended distance education courses, require individual review after completion of course. In these cases no advance guarantee of credit can be made.

Pre-Approvals for Overseas Institutions:

If you are planning to study abroad this summer, you cannot use the online pre-approval process. Please submit the pre-approval form (hard copy) and include as much information as possible about the program you plan to attend. Information about where the courses will be held, the length of the program, and the institution that will transcript the courses is required. Failure to submit this information will result in a delay of processing, or a denial, of your request.

You may request up to six (6) overseas courses for pre-approval. Requesting pre-approval for more than six courses will be subject to a fee. If you have questions or concerns about this, we invite you to askUSC.

Not all overseas programs transfer to USC. Every study abroad program is different and there are several variables that might affect transfer credit. However, USC looks for the following basic criteria to determine if a program will transfer.

Programs through U.S. Colleges and Universities
Some students study abroad through a U.S. college or university. The U.S. institution providing the transcript must be regionally accredited, and USC expects that the U.S. institution’s faculty teach the courses being transferred or retain direct, detailed curricular oversight over the program. If the program involves enrolling directly in an international institution, that university must be recognized by its own country’s Ministry of Education to grant undergraduate degrees.

Direct enroll programs at international institutions
Some students enroll directly at an international university. The foreign university must be recognized by its own country’s Ministry of Education to grant undergraduate degrees and the courses the student takes must be applicable to a degree at that institution. USC expects that faculty from this institution teach the courses being transferred or retain direct, detailed curricular oversight over the program.

Programs taught by unaccredited/unrecognized institutions
Many students study abroad through unaccredited institutions such as language institutes, schools that are not recognized by their home government to grant university degrees, or through for-profit study abroad organizations, etc. While such programs may offer students the chance to receive a transcript from an accredited or recognized institution (often for a fee), USC will not accept these programs for transfer credit. USC expects that the transcripting institution teaches the courses and/or retains direct, detailed curricular oversight over the courses offered on such programs.

Transcripts From U.S. Institutions or overseas institutions that have obtained U.S. regional accreditation:

Official transcripts should be mailed to:
USC Registrar One Stop Center
University Park Campus
700 Childs Way, John Hubbard Hall 106
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912

Official transcripts (secure pdf/electronic) should be e-mailed to:
USC Admissions

If possible, please have the other institution reference your 10-digit USC ID number.

Transcripts From Instititions Based Outside of the U.S. (without U.S. regional accreditation):

If you completed a pre-approval before attending the program, official transcripts should be mailed to the USC Registrar One Stop Center at the address above. If you did not seek pre-approval to study abroad, you will need to engage the International Education Research Foundation for a “Detail Report with Course Level Identification”. IERF will transmit the results directly to USC, and a transfer credit evaluation will be performed by Degree Progress.