• The Curriculum Handbook (pdf) details decisions made by the University throughout the years regarding curricular matters (e.g., what constitutes an internship, a minor; what is acceptable in terms of contact hours; how many credit hours must a master's degree have, etc.) Please make sure to reference the guide as you build your school's and/or department's curriculum.


  • Syllabus Template (doc) offers an outline of what the Curriculum Coordination Office (CCO) and the subcommittee members look for in every syllabus.
  • Statement on Academic Conduct and Support Systems (doc) should be attached to all USC syllabi (also included in the Syllabus Template).
  • Checklist: Top 10 Syllabus Errors to Avoid (pdf) will help you review your syllabus is done and double-check your work.
  • Contact Hour Policy (pdf) details USC’s official guidelines on the relationship between contact hours and unit credit.
  • Contact Hours Reference (pdf) details required, minimum contact hours per unit and course length (in weeks).
  • Professional Development Guidelines (pdf) provides guidelines on what constitutes professional development versus academic content and guidance on how to assess academic credit for those courses that include elements of professional development.
  • Exemplar Syllabi (pdf) demonstrate various formats and organization, but they all contain the basic elements of course syllabi that the CCO and UCOC review.