The Registrar’s Office is unavailable for in-person contact at this time, however, we continue to offer email support for any of your Registrar-related questions and needs.

We will update this information as changes to our availability occur. More information on the precautions being taken by the university to prevent the spread of the coronavirus can be found at

What Service Do You Need?

Academic Review

The Academic Review and Retention Office advises students who are on academic probation and monitors their progress.


The USC Catalogue is the official record of the university’s academic and financial aid policies, procedures, degree programs and courses offered.

Classroom Scheduling

University staff can use this service to coordinate the classroom needs of their respective departments.


The Curriculum Office evaluates new academic programs and course offerings proposed by the university’s schools and departments. This service introduces staff to the process and its guidelines.

Degree Progress

The Office of Degree Progress provides a variety of degree-related academic and administrative services for students. It also processes official transcripts from other institutions.


The Office of Degree Progress handles requests for, and distribution of, diplomas for USC graduates or students who are about to graduate.


The Grade department is responsible for the collection, maintenance and distribution of grades. Students can find information about resolving an incorrect, missing or incomplete

Leaves of Absence

Students who find it necessary to take a leave of absence from school can find information about the steps they will need to take, in addition to the university’s policies regarding coursework, financial aid and housing.

One Stop Center

The Registrar One Stop Center processes, maintains and distributes student records and includes: Registration, Transcripts, Verification, Diplomas, Transfer Credit Services, and Petition Services.


The Registration Department processes and maintains records of student registration and releases them in compliance with FERPA.


Students can use this service to request a copy of their STudent Academic Record System report (STARS), which reflects their academic progress toward degree completion and contains all USC and transfer coursework that applies toward degree requirements.


The Transcript department maintains academic transcripts of coursework for university-approved credit. Students and alumni may order their transcripts in person or online.

USC Veterans Certification Office

The Veteran Certification Office certifies enrollment for USC students who apply and are eligible for educational assistance administered by the Veterans Administration.

Undergraduate Transfer Credit

The USC Articulation Office evaluates undergraduate coursework taken at other institutions to determine if it may receive transfer credit at USC.


Students and alumni who need to verify their enrollment at USC may request an Official Academic Record Verification letter, which provides basic enrollment information.