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General Information

The STudent Academic Record System report (STARS) reflects students' academic progress toward completion of their degrees for their declared majors. This report contains all USC course work and accepted transfer work that applies to degree requirements.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, the STARS report will include all requirements necessary for degree completion, to include skill level, general education, major, minor and grade point average requirements.

For undergraduates, STARS reports are updated each fall and spring term for all currently enrolled students. These updates occur immediately following the Drop/Add deadline in the current term. Students are notified via their USC email account that STARS reports are available for review on OASIS.

Graduate Students

For graduate students, the STARS report provides a comprehensive evaluation of progress toward degree completion, to include time limits, continuous enrollment requirements, and summative experience completion requirements. Students may access their STARS reports on OASIS.

Graduate students will have STARS reports made available when their advisor submits an application. Academic advisors may request updated STARS reports at any time, provided students for whom updates are requested have a program of study on file in their academic department. Degree Progress will also provide updated STARS reports as part of the degree application and graduation process.

Students Following Older Catalogue Years

STARS reports are not available to:

  • Undergraduate students following a catalogue year prior to 1985;
  • Master's degree students following a catalog year prior to 1997; or
  • Doctoral students following a catalogue year prior to 1994.