OASIS for Guests

General Information

In accordance with FERPA guidelines, parents and family members may not view their student’s academic and financial records unless the student has granted access to them. Students at USC can grant access by creating an OASIS for Guests account, which will allow a guest user to view grades, courses, progress to degree, transfer credits, restrictions on the student’s account and financial data.

To create an OASIS account for a parent or family member, a student will need to create a unique login and PIN for that guest, then click on “I Agree”. By clicking on “I Agree”, a student authorizes the release of their records to that guest user.

The student must then provide each guest with:

  1. Their student ID number
  2. The guest login ID
  3. The guest password


Once a guest is granted access, they may log in using the button below. Authorization remains in effect until it is revoked or it expires (six years after authorization).

For more information, please visit USC’s FERPA website.