Classroom Changes

Time and Day Changes​

List the change on the Class Scheduling Addition, Change or Deletion form at CHANGE. Fill out the appropriate fields, including “Room: from”, even if the room has not changed and it is under your control. The “Room: from” field lets the Registration and Classroom Scheduling offices know if a general-use classroom is affected. If a general-use classroom needs to be assigned, leave the “Room: to” field blank. Registration will deliver the form to our office for the room assignment.

Room-to-Room Changes

You can submit room-to-room changes to us via:

Please include:

  • Semester/Term
  • Course
  • 5-digit Section Number
  • Time/Day (Only to validate the correct course)
  • From: (Present Classroom Assignment)
  • To:  New Classroom Assignment, if the room is under your control. Leave blank if you are requesting a general-use classroom.
  • Reason: Specify only if you are requesting a general-use classroom, to prevent your class from being scheduled in the same building or room type.