Transcripts Overview

The Transcript department maintains academic transcripts of coursework for university-approved credit and releases these documents in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Options include paper format and electronic PDF format.

The student name that will appear on the official USC transcript will match the student’s name as it appears on the STARS report and USC diploma. Students who wish to change their name as it appears in the Student Information System must submit a form of government-authorized identification to The name change requests must be completed before the student has graduated.

Official Transcripts: An official document that provides a complete and permanent record of coursework, grades, units, program of study, enrollment history and degrees awarded, and is signed by the university Registrar.


Transcripts Not Maintained by the Transcript Department

All medical school records are housed and maintained independently of the university’s central transcript system. To obtain transcripts for medical students, contact the USC Keck School of Medicine directly at (323) 442-2553.

The Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC maintains certain dental student records as indicated below. To obtain transcripts of these academic records, please contact the Ostrow School of Dentistry directly at (213) 740-1001.

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program records prior to fall 1993
  • International Student Program (ISP) records prior to summer 1992
  • Dental Hygiene Program records prior to fall 2000

To obtain transcripts for CEU students, please mail your request to:

Registrar / C.E.U. Transcripts
University of Southern California
University Park Campus
700 Childs Way, John Hubbard Hall Lobby (JHH)
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912

There is a $15 charge for C.E.U. transcripts.

Written requests must be signed by the owner of the record. Students must clear holds on their records before the Transcript department will process a request. Current and recently enrolled students may check for holds on myUSC.

Fees and Shipping Information

$12 per PDF transcript, $15 per paper transcript


Personal checks (payable to the “University of Southern California”), U.S. money orders, and the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Cash is not accepted.


Please submit requests by 12:00 Noon PT.


$25 per destination, plus transcript fee. You may request this service for overnight delivery within the continental United States only.


$47.50 per destination, plus transcript fee. You may request this service for express delivery outside the continental United States only.


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Note: Current USC students must use their official university email address ( for all official university communications.

Mailing Address

Transcript Department
University of Southern California
University Park Campus
700 Childs Way, JHH B10
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912