Submitting Updates

Curriculum changes must be processed through the Curriculum Coordination Office.

Corrections of inaccuracies for the current Catalogue may be submitted at any time during the year via email to or Allow up to 24 hours for changes to be reviewed and made. During high production months (January through April), please allow up to two weeks.

Annual school content review: In January, the Catalogue Office will provide training to school curriculum coordinators for editing the non-curricular portions of their school sections of the Catalogue. In February, trained curriculum coordinators will have access to these sections of the Production Catalogue to review and update. The Production Catalogue will become the online Catalogue for the next academic year. Content can be reviewed during production months on the Production Catalogue site. For read-only, log-in access, contact the Catalogue Office.

Faculty updates to the current Catalogue can be submitted throughout the year via email to or, and will be made as time allows. Faculty updates for the Production Catalogue can be made throughout the production months. Allow up to three weeks during peak production months (January to April).

Non-school sections (such as Academic and University Policies, Undergraduate Education, Graduate and Professional Education) will be updated in the Production Catalogue on an annual basis starting in February. Section copy will be sent out in Word document format to review and update. Policies and other relevant information can be updated to the current Catalogue at any time. Allow up to 24 hours for changes to be reviewed and made and up to two weeks during peak production months (January through April).

Catalogue access is given to those involved in updating Catalogue content.

Production Timeline

Approved curriculum proposals will appear in the Production Catalogue approximately 10 days after being exported via Curriculog by the Coordination Office. Allow three to four weeks during peak production months (January to March).

Note: When the Catalogue Office is importing approved programs, courses and revisions into the Production Catalogue, the Production Catalogue will be locked (as indicated with an “I”), which will appear in the Catalogue selection drop-down menu on the home page of the Production Catalogue. It will not be accessible to review or edit.