Registration Procedures

Registration is the final step a student takes before attending classes. Before registering for classes, students should:

  • Clear all holds and restrictions (viewable on myUSC and on OASIS).
  • Meet with an academic advisor.
  • Take any necessary placement tests.
  • Check for their registration appointment time on myUSCWeb Registration or OASIS by clicking on “Permit to Register”.
  • Select the courses to register on Web Registration (also accessible on myUSC).
  • Obtain D-clearance and waivers required for any courses on their schedule by contacting the department offering the course.

After the first week of class, students should obtain approval from the professor before registering for any new class.

Additionally, an instructor may replace any student who, without prior consent, does not attend:

  • The first two class sessions; or
  • The first class session of the semester for once-a-week classes.