Curriculum Management System

CurriculogTM is an online interface that allows programs, minors, courses, and off-campus programs and courses to be proposed, created, assessed, revised, approved and implemented. Faculty and staff involved in departmental-, school-, and university-level review may view the progress of their proposals from start to finish.

Email to request access to CurriculogTM and indicate what your role type and department/school should be in the system. To add or replace a person in the roles of departmental curriculum coordinator or chair, please copy the curriculum dean and the people who currently have the roles, as applicable. Curriculum deans are updated yearly per the direction of the school dean.

  1. Originator: anyone who submits program and course proposals
  2. Departmental Curriculum Coordinator (DCC): a staff or faculty member who submits and coordinates the review of proposals for the entire department
  3. Department Chair: curriculum chair of a department
  4. Department Committee Chair: chair of a department committee
  5. Department Committee Member: member of a department committee
  6. School Committee Chair: chair of a school committee
  7. School Committee Member: member of a school committee
  8. School Dean: school dean for curriculum
  9. School Curriculum Coordinator: reviewer of all school proposals, partnered with school dean

NOTE: There may be multiple originators and committee members, but only one DCC and one chair per department, and only one school curriculum coordinator, school committee chair and curriculum dean per school.

CurriculogTM may be accessed at using your USC Shibboleth authentication credentials (USC NetID and password).

If you have trouble with your NetID and/or password, please call Information Technology Services at (213) 740-5555.

CCO provides user support and training for CurriculogTM. Please call (213) 740-1162 or email for assistance and/or to set up future training.