Student Success Program (2.0 – 2.3 GPA)

General Information

Undergraduate students who have a cumulative USC GPA of 2.0-2.3 are placed within the Student Success Program (SSP) to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals. 

In an effort to help students achieve academic success, students will meet with an Academic Review Counselor a minimum of one session per semester. Academic Review Counselors assist students in developing a plan for success that is conducive to individual learning styles. Students maintain a constructive relationship with the Academic Review Counselor as a means of empowering them to discover intrinsic motivation to succeed at USC and beyond. 

The goal of the SSP program is to help students avoid academic probation. Students who fall below the cumulative 2.0 GPA requirement will be placed on academic probation.

All students in the Student Success Program will have an RNR02 hold placed on their account. The hold will be applied after the third week of the semester (i.e., after the last day to drop/add for the semester). The hold requires students to meet with their Academic Review Counselor early in the semester. Once students meet with their Counselor, the hold will be removed and students will be permitted to register on their own. Failure to meet with their Academic Review Counselor will result in delayed registration for the following semester.

Registration Deadlines

Please review the following deadlines related to USC Registration Policy for classes held during the regular session (session code 001):

Timeline and Deadline Dates 
End of Week 3

  • Last day to drop without a “W.”

  • Last day to change P/NP or audit enrollment option.

  • Last day to receive a refund.

  • Last day to register or add classes.

End of Week 7

  • Last day to withdraw without a “W” on transcript.

  • Last day to change P/NP to letter grade.

End of Week 12

  • Last day to drop with a “W” on transcript.