STARS Interactive Audit

STARS Interactive Audit Reports (STARS IA) are accessible through OASIS and provide a graphical representation of a student’s STARS report. Other unique features of STARS IA include the following:

  • Students and advisors can explore alternative majors and minors to determine how completed and in-progress course work will meet academic requirements for selected programs (for undergraduate students only).
  • Students and advisors can plan future course registration to determine its impact on degree progress. STARS IA posts updates using planned course work that will identify any potential registration issues (such as out-of-sequence course work, excess and repetitious credit restrictions).
  • Students and advisors can track a student’s performance over time, using the Course History feature (displays GPA performance over all terms of USC registration).
  • STARS IA reports are available to all students for all programs of study (all undergraduate and graduate students for whom a degree application is on file).

All advisors with appropriate access to OASIS for Advisors can view and request updates for STARS IA.