Probation System and Mandatory Advisement


Undergraduate students and students who register under limited status are placed on academic probation when their cumulative USC GPA falls below 2.0. Students who do not raise their cumulative GPA to a 2.0 after two semesters of subsequent enrollment (excluding summer enrollment) will be academically disqualified UNLESS they earn a minimum semester GPA of 2.3 in the second and all subsequent probation semesters. 

Actions such as Corrections of Grades, Completion of Incompletes, Removal of Missing Grades, and Exception Requests WILL NOT result in academic statuses being changed retroactively.

Mandatory Advisement

All students on academic probation will have an RNR01 hold placed on their account. The hold will be applied any time a student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. Students on academic probation are required to meet with their Academic Review Counselor a minimum of three times per semester.

Prior to registration, and before making any subsequent program changes, students on probation must seek advisement from their Departmental Advisor and an Academic Review Counselor. An Academic Review Advisement Record form, available from the Departmental Advisor, must be completed and signed by the Departmental Advisor and authorized school signer during the advisement process. In addition to this completed form, students should clear all holds and departmental clearances prior to their registration appointment with their Academic Review Counselor. All registration-related changes must be made in person with the Academic Review Counselor.

Registration Deadlines

Please review the following deadlines related to USC Registration Policy for classes held during the regular session (session code 001):

Timeline and Deadline Dates 
End of Week 3

  • Last day to drop without a “W.”

  • Last day to change P/NP or audit enrollment option.

  • Last day to receive a refund.

  • Last day to register or add classes.

End of Week 7

  • Last day to withdraw without a “W” on transcript.

  • Last day to change P/NP to letter grade.

End of Week 12

  • Last day to drop with a “W” on transcript.