Who Should File an Articulation Petition?

USC undergraduates who:

  • Would like to request a change in the evaluation of a transfer course as it appears on the Transfer Credit Report.
  • Are appealing the decision of a previous articulation petition and are submitting additional documentation to support the appeal.
  • Have been directed to do so by Articulation, an academic advisor or Degree Progress.
  • See a message on their Transfer Credit Report requesting a petition or a syllabus for a transfer course.
  • Would like to combine transfer courses from different schools or academic departments for general education credit.

Who Should Not File an Articulation Petition?

Students who:

  • Would like to change the way a USC course applies to their degree requirements. For assistance, contact your major adviser.
  • Would like to take a course during the summer after entering USC. Instead, students should submit a pre-approval request.
  • Would like to know what kind of credit USC will give to transfer courses that do not appear on the student’s Transfer Credit Report.

Be sure official transcripts have been transmitted to USC Admission (before you are formally admitted to USC) or Degree Progress (after you are admitted). Official transcripts will be added to the student’s USC academic record and evaluated in the order they were received. Evaluations usually take 10 to 15 business days but may take longer during busy times of the year.

Students can estimate subject credit for courses taken at most California community colleges by checking USC’s Articulation Agreements.